Training and cash for work


With our “Cash for Work” projects it is possible to employ the local population in activities linked to the environmental rehabilitation affected by natural disasters such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes. Such projects allow the temporary employment of the local population who engages in activities that are beneficial for the entire community and at the same time gains some economic benefits, playing an active role in the community reconstruction process after the trauma experienced.

Kito’s anti-disaster construction training is aimed at carpenters and householders involved in home construction/reconstruction. Indeed, the prevalent use of lightweight construction materials makes buildings much more vulnerable in case of natural disasters. With these trainings, the aim is to increase the knowledge of the most suitable and safest construction techniques. 

Two have already been done in the Camotes Islands and one in Mindoro Island. At the end of the trainings, evaluation questionnaires are given and nails and hammers are distributed to participants.

2014 - 2015

The Cash for Work Project aims to enhance the key role of local people in the environmental rehabilitation process. The anti-disaster trainings were created instead with the aim of increasing the knowledge regarding the most suitable and safe construction techniques to face natural disasters.


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