The Bakery project

The indigenous people of Mindoro Island, the Mangyan, live in conditions of extreme poverty, social marginalization, and professional immobility due to the lack of access to training. The Bakery project, promoted in partnership with Amami Social Project, consists of the construction of a facility through the use of local materials, such as bamboo and wood, as well as construction techniques that guarantee integrity to the building, capable of surviving any earthquakes or typhoons.

The project also provides for the promotion of a training course aimed at the inhabitants of the Mangyan indigenous communities, whose purpose is to encourage the development of entrepreneurship and to reduce the level of poverty and malnutrition while improving the wellbeing of the population, especially women and impoverished groups,through an effort geared toward economic and social empowerment.

2022 - ON GOING

The Bakery project

The Bakery project, created with the aid of the Amami Social Project, was created with the objective of building a production facility, fundamentally favouring the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and the reduction of the levels of poverty and malnutrition.

Within the project’s main objectives there is not only the desire to stimulate social integration with the rest of the Filipino community, but also to ensure that the Mangyan population has access to necessities such as bread and yeast products, while aiming to implement a self- sufficient form of business management. The Bakery project will play a key role for the entire Mangyan  community by providing an opportunity to reduce conditions of poverty and crime and promoting an effort geared toward entrepreneurial development.

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