Medical clinic

Camotes Islands – Filippine

The project focuses on a small medical clinic positioned in an area close to the primary school, where the healthcare professionals can work on prevention, check-up, neonatal control, nutrition, first aid and childbirth assistance.

The 80sqm edifice was build upon a concrete base, with a structure made of local stones and wood, and bamboo finishes.

The Health Center in Barangay Esperanza wants to be an example of green building practices: it is a facility designed, built and managed in a sustainable and efficient way.

Building materials are purchasable at the local level, in order to save energy and resources during the transportation towards the construction site: as a green building it integrates with the local habitat as attention was paid to preserve the integrity and the natural characteristics of the location.


Medical clinic in the Camotes Islands, Philippine

Moreover, it was the Barangay community itself who took part in the different construction phases – for example, women support groups were engaged in the processing of bamboo, necessary for the facades’ construction. This is a practical example that shows perfectly the philosophy and the attitude of Kito – to give back to the population the opportunity to be independent, work and earn money for themselves and their families, and at the same time perceiving the project as their own. In this way, they will not only be the beneficiaries at the end of the project, but also during its whole realization.

The construction of a medical clinicin an area where access is very difficult, especially when natural disastershappen, has a long-term perspective since it offers a facility at the service of the local population, helping to improve the hygienic conditions, in particular the ones of the most vulnerable people such as women and children.

Besides, the insertion of a photovoltaic system/energy accumulator which provides electricity can considerably improve the living standards of the island’s inhabitants.