San Fernando la Union

KITO HEALTH Philippines

Our projects stem from our field experience in emergency contexts, where schools and hospitals are often substituted by big tents and other unstable structures. Our idea, instead, is that of building easily transportable mobile units that can be assembled on site, are self-sufficient, and that could serve both as emergency medical clinics and as schools. The structure that Kito’s architects have designed, known by the name of Humanitarian Unit for Transition (HUT), presents innovative characteristics and guarantees a fast recovery of medical and didactic activities after a natural disaster or a conflict.

2013 - 2014

Kito Humanitarian Unit for Transition (HUT)

Characteristics of the mobile unit:

  • It can be positioned in all types of terrain (no need for permanent foundations);
  • It can be easily assembled on site, without specialized personnel;
  • Its dimension and characteristics respond to INEE and UNICEF standards;
  • When it’s fully open, it measures around 24 sqm, and can serve both as a medical clinic with 3 beds and as a classroom for 24 students;
  • When transported, it has a capacity of around 30 cu.m which can be used for carrying technical tools, medicines, emergency kits, etc.;
  • The dimensions of the closed unit respect those of an average container and allow its transportation by ship and/or by truck;
  • The photovoltaic panels positioned on its rooftop provide the energy needed for its functioning and the two storage batteries make it also available for the night hours.

The first mobile unit was sent to the Philippines in 2014 and currently it’s being used as an active and efficient medical centre in the municipality of San Fernando La Union!